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Griffith City Council is leading the way in the push to address affordable housing and homelessness.

Last month Mayor John Dal Broi and General Manager Brett Stonestreet attended the Annual Conference of Local Government NSW in Albury where Griffith City Council’s motion ‘That Local Government NSW endorses the ‘Everybody’s Home Campaign’ to end homelessness and provide affordable housing for all Australians’, was endorsed.

The Conference debated around 100 motions from member Councils, including the motion from Griffith City Council.

The motion asks that ‘Local Government NSW lobbies the NSW Government to address homelessness as a State issue that requires a strategic targeted response across the continuum of crisis, short term and longer term solutions’.

It also requests that ‘the NSW Government provide greater funding and implement support programs to address homelessness in communities across the State’.

Mayor Dal Broi said he was pleased to see the other member councils keen to get behind the campaign.

“We acknowledge that we have a problem here in Griffith with affordable housing and homelessness, however we are not alone, it’s right across the country,” Cr Dal Broi said.

“Talking to other Council’s represented at the Conference that was very evident to me.”

The Everybody’s Home Campaign lists a number of solutions for mending the broken system, with people asked to sign the online petition at

The main aim of the Campaign is to gain support for first home-buyers, develop a National Housing Strategy, a better deal for renters, immediate relief for Australians in chronic rental stress and a plan to end homelessness by 2030.