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In response to queries over the watering of sporting ovals and Banna Avenue, Council advises:

Normal watering of ovals is scheduled to occur overnight from 10pm to 6am. This time period is selected to maximise water retention and not interfere with sporting activity schedules or early morning walkers. The major sporting ovals in Griffith are serviced by raw water coming directly from adjacent channels. Water availability is regulated by Murrumbidgee Irrigation, which means water is not available during MI maintenance periods, which are usually scheduled over the winter months every year.

As an example of watering, Ted Scobie Oval in Collina is divided into a number of watering zones. To achieve satisfactory water coverage by sprinklers in the allotted time span overnight, Ted Scobie Oval is watered in a 30 minute rotation. This rotation allows watering of half the oval one night, with the other half being watered the next night and so on.

Additional supplementary watering has been undertaken on sections of ovals during the day on a needs basis to maintain grounds to a high standard for sporting activities.  In recognition of the ongoing drought and state wide concern over the use of water, the supplementary watering during the day will cease until further notice. Council staff will be still occasionally required to run sprinklers during the daytime to detect leaks and correct any alignment issues that may have occurred.

A full review of Banna Avenue watering systems will also be undertaken to maximise watering efficiency.