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Griffith City Council has once again commenced its previously successful ‘Speed on Local Roads’ road safety project aimed at reminding drivers that speeding is the number one factor associated with injury and death and the message is simple – ‘Stop it or Cop it.’  

During the five years ending September 2018 – 4 people were killed and 32 people sustained serious injuries in crashes across the Griffith LGA where speed was a contributing factor. Overall - more than 1 in 5 of all crashes in the Griffith area involved one or more of the vehicles travelling at either excessive speed or at a speed not suitable for the road environment. These figures alone are cause for concern as they could have easily been avoided by drivers slowing down and driving at a speed appropriate to the conditions. 

Council’s Road Safety and Traffic Officer, Greg Balind says that while the results of previous projects has been encouraging, there is a need to remind drivers that even low level speeding has serious consequences.     

“The ‘Speed on Local Roads’ project seeks to identify the streets upon which drivers are known to speed and therefore various strategies are implemented to address driver behaviour to make the road safer for all users,” said Mr Balind.

“I am fortunate to have the cooperation of Griffith Highway Patrol Officers who will be increasing their presence on identified roads - providing a visual reminder to motorists to slow down and conducting enforcement where appropriate.”

Council is inviting the community to nominate streets across the area which they think may benefit from the strategies used to slow drivers down. All they have to do is head to Council’s Facebook page and provide details on the ‘Speed on Local Roads’ post about the streets where speeding vehicles are a concern. 

Deputy Mayor and Chair of Council’s Traffic Committee Councillor Doug Curran has also thrown his support behind the project and has pleaded with the community to make sensible choices whilst they are behind the wheel to ensure both they and their passengers reach their destination safely.

“With the Christmas period fast approaching I’m appealing to drivers to slow down and to exercise greater caution on our roads,” said Councillor Curran.

“Speeding at any time is not acceptable and therefore I urge all drivers to make informed decisions in relation to their speed and to consider the potential effect they could have on themselves, their family and other road users should they choose to speed when driving.” “The last thing I want is for drivers or their passengers to become another road statistic so my message is for drivers to take time and slow down,” he added.    

In a further effort to reduce the number of crashes that result in death or injury - Transport for NSW’s ‘Saving Lives on Country Roads’ road safety campaign is aimed at addressing the behaviour of country drivers who may have a tendency for complacency, over confidence and lower perception of risk when driving on familiar roads. While country residents make up only one-third of the NSW population, two-thirds of all fatalities occur on country roads.

When it comes to reducing local trauma – the Speed on Local Roads project will engage police enforcement and Variable Message Boards will be placed along nominated roads in the Griffith Local Government Area to advise speeding drivers they can either Stop it or Cop it. 

To nominate a street, please visit Council’s facebook page at or email

Further information can be obtained by visiting