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Urban Stormwater Charges

As provided in Section 496A of the Local Government Act 1993, Council introduced a Stormwater charge in 2007/2008.  The charge applies to all developed lots that benefit from Council’s stormwater system whether built or natural with expenditure of the funds collected recorded and reported annually.

The income from this charge will be expended on both capital projects and recurrent expenditure programs where applicable.  Primarily, the stormwater management service charge will be spent on:

  • Planning, construction and maintenance of drainage systems, including pipes, channels, retarding basins and waterways receiving urban stormwater; and
  • Design and investigation costs associated with implementing urban stormwater catchment management plans
  • Planning, construction and maintenance of stormwater harvesting and re-use projects
  • Monitoring of flows in drains and creeks, to assess the effectiveness for flow management (flooding) controls, and
  • Other eligible costs relating to urban stormwater management as identified.

Council determines the priority and specific projects and areas that would receive funding from the charge, examples of immediately sites or activities are;

  • Ulong Street CBD Drainage-Design
  • Kooyoo Street Redevelopment (drainage infrastructure)
  • Yambil Street, Griffith (drainage infrastructure due to storm water flooding events)
  • Storm water management planning for the Griffith Local Government Area (upgrading of Catchment Management Plans)

Proposed Expenditure would include:

  • Design plans
  • Project management costs
  • Purchase of materials or contracts relating to installing drainage systems
  • Non-permanent employee costs relating specifically to urban storm water projects
  • Consultancy fees relating to flood mitigation studies and catchment management.