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There has been a lot of commentary regarding the proposed Rose Garden, as endorsed in principle by Council last Tuesday. As there has been some confusion regarding the proposal, we hope this will clear up any misconceptions: 

· The concept plan that was presented to Council at the meeting on 25 June 2019 is only a DRAFT. The draft concept plan presented has varied significantly from the original concept first presented to Council.
· Detailed costings have not yet been undertaken as the design and plans are not finalised. The estimates suggest between $500k and $700k to complete this project. 
· At the Meeting, Council resolved the Rose Garden Working Group now prepare a new draft concept design for a Garden with a scope of works with an approximate costing of $300k and submit to Council for consideration
· Council’s resolution regarding the budget for this project is based on three funding streams: 
1. $100k remaining from the initial budget allocation. 
2. $200k reallocated from the CBD Budget given the project is being undertaken in the CBD. 
3. Grant funding of approximately $300k which (yet to be identified and applied for). There is no guarantee that grant funding will be secured for this project and hence the request by Council that the Working Group develop a revised concept plan with a costing limit of $300K. 
· Council has endorsed this budget in principle, however will reconsider the total budget as part of the 2020/21 budget process 

This project requires further community consultation, which we can assure will be undertaken once the new draft concept plan has been presented. 
· The original concept was for a basic Rose Garden only design, however the Working Group have been looking at the best use of the space and what will provide an interesting and useful area year round for locals and visitors and have created an early draft concept comprising of the following:
· Water Feature 
· Feature tree planting to provide shade for bench seating 
· 2 lawn areas with the main area being surrounded by bench seating 
· Reflective garden featuring sensory plantings, water feature and bench seating 
· Mixed planting areas 
· Wiradjuri loop path showcasing interpretive sculptures and edible indigenous plantings 
· Primary shade structure incorporating seating, BBQs, power and water 
· Tree plaza 
· Food van/caravan break out area 
Members of the Rose Garden Working Group (who have been the community’s voice to date on this project) deserve our thanks for the huge efforts made so far.