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Water and Sewerage Charges, Questions and Answers

Information and answers to many of the questions we receive about Water & Sewer charges is detailed below.  However if we haven’t covered something, or you would like to speak to someone direct please phone Griffith City Councils Revenue Department on (02) 6962 8185.

View a typical Residential Griffith City Council Water and Sewerage bill here

How are you charged?

As part of Council's water billing program, a two part tariff consisting of an access fee (service fee) and a consumption charge applies to all properties.

The consumption charge is based on the amount of water you use and is designed to recoup the cost to the Council for the filtration of the water and for the water itself.

The access fee (service fee) covers your access to Council's infrastructure.  It is designed to recoup the cost to the Council for the provision of infrastructure that treats the water and then delivers it to the property (the water meter, the pipes that go past the property, and the water treatment plant)

This applies to Sewerage, it is charged either as Non-Residential or Residential.  Non-Residential assessments are charged an access charge (service fee) based on the size of the water meter and a treatment charge based on water kilolitres consumed x Sewerage discharge factor x treatment rate.  Sewerage discharge factors have been determined by the type of business at the property.  If you are not happy with your sewerage discharge factor then you are able to contact Council's Water and Wastewater Anyalyst on (02) 6962 8121 to have this reviewed.

Residential Sewerage assessments are charged an access charge (service fee) which was been determined by the cost of providing infrastructure, upkeep and treatment to residences with Griffith City Council.  The annual price is set in Council's Fees and Charges and is based on occupancy.  This means, if you have 6 flats on one assessment then you would be charged 6 times the Residential Charge, 6 x $834, which equals $5,004 per annum.

I am a pensioner, am I entitled to a pension rebate?

If you have a Pensioner Concession card or Department of Veterans Affairs concession card, please bring it in to Council's office to apply.  If you are receiving a rebate on your rates it will automatically carry over onto your water account. Conditions apply, you need to be an owner or legally responsible for the account and it must be your principle place of residence. 

As a tenant, do I need to set up a water account with Griffith City Council?

No.  Water accounts are the legal responsiblity of the property owner.  You need to contact your real estate agent or landlord if you have an agreement to pay the water consumption to get a copy of this account.

I don't think I have used as much water as my bill states. What can I do?

Firstly compare the current reading on your account with what your meter is reaidng now (black dials only).  If the meter read is currently lower, contact the Revenue Department to have the meter checked, re-read and corrected.  If the read is similar, or higher, compare this read to the same period in the previous year.  You may then need to check your property for leaks.  You can do this by turning off water on your property (not tap on meter) and see if the meter is still "ticking over".  If it is, you may wish to contact a plumber to investigate for leaks.

 I have purchased a block to build on. It doesn't have a meter on it but I am receiving a water and sewer account.  Why?

If your property is within 225 metres of a water main and can be connected to water, then you will be charged an access fee under the Local Government Act 1993.  As you are not connected you will not receive a consumption charge. 

This also applies to sewer.  If you are within 75 metres of a sewer main and can be connected you will be charged a vacant sewerage charge.  Once a meter has been connected, this charge will adjusted to either a Residential Sewer Charge or Non-Residential Sewer charge, whatever is applicable.

I paid by B-Pay but the amount did not come off my account.  Why not?


Check that you used the biller code and reference number shown on your water account and not your rates account.  The biller code for water is 120543 and rates is 47183.  If your payment has gone to your rates account, contact our Customer Service Department on (02) 6962 8100 to have it transferred. Details of your payment will be required.  Interest, if charged, will not be reversed.

I sold my property. What do I need to do?

Check with your conveyancer as prior to settlement they often contact Council to do a special read to calculate the bill or they may calculate the bill using the daily average from the last read. A 603 certificate, being a financial statement of rates and charges levied for the financial year, is usually obtained by the purchaser's solicitor at the same time. All accounts issued by Council after settlement are payable by the current owner.

Can I have an extension for payment on my bill?

Council will usually grant an extension to make payment on your bill and this is set up as an agreement in the system. If you do not keep to the agreement Council may continue with legal action without notice. Interest will still calculate on all extension arrangements made.

Please complete the request for payment arrangement form.

If I do not pay may account will my water be cut off?

Your water may be restricted if your account is not paid. This means flow to the property will be less than 50 litres per day (enough for a couple of flushes of the toilet) and will not be re-connected until the amount owing is paid in full along with a re-connection fee. Council prefers to use this method only as a last resort.

Will I be charged interest on late payment?

Yes, the current rate of interest is set by Office of Local Government (OLG) and is calculated daily. Information relating to the current interest rate is available on your notice.

I live in a strata-titled until which only has one meter for all units. Why do I only pay an access fee?

As each unit is not separately metered you pay an access fee that is calculated on if you had an individual 20mm meter and a usage amount above that. This enables pensioners to receive a pension rebate which they would not be eligible for if the strata proprietor was billed.

How do I locate my meter?

Your meter is usually at the front of your property near the side boundary. It is usually above ground and may have a 'dumbbell' iron cover over it. In Yenda, some meters are located at the rear of the property. If you cannot locate your meter contact the Revenue Department (02) 6962 8100 for more information.

How do I read my water meter?

The numbers shown on your bill are the black numbers on the meter which show kilolitres. The red dials show litres. To see how much water and activity uses, read the meter before you start (e.g. watering the garden) then read it again afterwards and the difference between the two numbers is the consumption.

I just purchased the property but there is an arrears amount on my bill. What is that for?

The current owner is responsible for all debts on the property. Please check with the Revenue Department to see if an amount was paid on settlement. If not, you should be contacting your conveyancer.

What is a backflow charge on my account?

A backflow prevention device is a spring-loaded valve that prevents pollutants such as chemicals, sewage or pesticides from being sucked back from properties into the network main and contaminating the water supply. This is required by law. Properties with a medium or high risk backflow prevention device are now charged an annual rent plus an annual inspection fee.

I would like to have my meter read

A Special Meter Read is when a meter is read and a certificate is issued stating what the water bill would be if issued on that day. This is used primarily for conveyancing purposes. Reads are conducted twice weekly and current charge can be located in Council's Revenue Policy. To apply, complete the form and lodge with payment at Council. If you would like to calculate the bill yourself, please read the meter and contact the Revenue Department on (02) 6962 8160 for further assistance.