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Yambil Street Upgrade


Yambil Street Stage Two Commences

Stage 2 of the Yambil Street redevelopment is now underway in Griffith.

As part of these works, Griffith City Council would like to advise that Yambil Street between Kooyoo Street and Ulong Street will be closed from Wednesday, 13 November 2019 until 30, April 2020.

The northern side of Yambil Street (Griff Hotel side) will be upgraded first and the southern side will be open for traffic for the first half of the upgrade.

Detours around the worksite will be available and access for pedestrians will be provided.

A public information session, held last week at the Griffith Exies Club, provided around 40 interested residents an update on the work completed to date and future works.

Information presented at the meeting on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 is available here Stage 2 Yambil Street Upgrade - Community Consultation

All works are subject to weather, and Council will continue to keep businesses and the community informed as works progress.


Yambil Street Stage One

Griffith City Council rolled out the Yambil Street Upgrade (Stage One) in October 2018 as the first project prioritised from the Griffith CBD Strategy. 

The Yambil Street Upgrade is an exciting project which will rejuvenate an important street in Griffith's city centre.  The project has replaced aging infrastructure and a deteriorating road pavement and is establishing a street tree boulevard with adequate seating and bins along a new footpath pavement. 

The project is fully funded by Griffith City Council, showing a commitment to implement the recommendations listed in the Griffith CBD Strategy.

Latest news:

Proposed Parking Arrangements

As Stage One of the Yambil Street upgrade draws to a close, Council wishes to advise the following parking arrangements will be in place.

On completion of Stage One, four parking spaces for people with disabilities will be available.

One is at the eastern end adjacent to Mackay’s Furniture, two midway along in the Council carpark and another at the western end adjacent to Bowman Real Estate.

These spaces will be clearly marked with line marking and signage.

The magenta lines shown on the attached plan illustrate the path of travel for people with disabled parking permits.

In addition Council would like to alleviate any concerns regarding parallel parking.

The images attached are examples of how the parallel parking spaces will be line marked.

Once kerbside car parking spaces are line marked, please park within the lines to ensure that door openings for standard passenger vehicles do not hit the kerb.

Stage 2 Yambil Street Presentation 

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