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Griffith City Council and the Griffith Business Chamber are encouraging local businesses to head online and complete the 2019 Griffith Business Survey before 31 December.

The purpose of the Griffith Business Survey is to collect data which will guide Griffith City Council and Griffith Business Chamber in supporting local businesses in the future, as well as analyse the current business climate.  

The Griffith Business Survey will be a vital tool moving forward and it is important to get a broad cross section from the business community to complete the survey – the more comprehensive and diverse the information is the better. Operators from across the Griffith region are encourage to participate, whether your business is agriculture or manufacturing, beauty or health Council and the Chamber want to hear from you.

The information collected will be analysed and grouped together by different categories such as industry, business size or location.

The Griffith Business Survey will inform the development of strategies and long term plans, support grant applications for the region, provide information for major infrastructure projects and assist in the development of strategic plans and long term decisions.

The survey will be made available for 3 months during October, November and December of 2019, with the summarised data made available to the public by the end of February 2020. The findings will be a valuable tool for local businesses to determine opportunities within their industry and provide key information to attract investors.

It is important to note that personal or identifying information will not be released and will be treated in with the strictest confidence.

An added bonus of completing the survey is all participants can go in the draw to win an Apple iPad valued at over $1,000.

The Griffith Business Survey is now open and can be found at