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Community Drug Action Team (CDAT)

Griffith Community Drug Action Team (CDAT)  is a community group funded by the Australian Drug Foundation to address local drug and alcohol misuse or issues impacting the community. 

Since 1999, CDATs have led thousands of activities to engage at-risk youth, educate parents and the wider community through community activities and campaigns to curb alcohol-fuelled violence and drug use. The ADF supports the CDATs through the Community Engagement and Action Program (CEAP) funded by NSW Health.

Membership is fluid which allows people to participate when they have the time and the passion. Membership is available for agencies, organisations and individuals - local residents are encouraged to join the committee.

CDAT meet on the first Wednesday of each month, 1pm at Griffith City Council. 

CDAT also has a strong partnership with the Griffith Liquor Accord, Griffith Local Area Command, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education and the University of NSW.

CDAT will work towards maximising the resources of Griffith City Local Government Area through networking and partnership activities.

For further details contact Pat Cox 

Upcoming Events

CDAT are asking the community to tell us what guest speakers they would like to hear from in the coming year. Please take this quick survey before 7 June 2019  to tell us: CDAT Survey 

Griffith CDAT in partnership with the Family Drug Support, is running a 2 day workshop/training day on 26 and 27 July (full days) to engage with families and friends of Alcohol and Other Drugs dependants (i.e. those close to someone with an addiction).

• Who is Family Drug Support and what do we do?
• What goes on for families – expectations and needs
• Engaging with families- what works and what doesn’t
• Three types of families
• Stages of change for drug users/for families
• Chal lenging triggers, assumptions and biases
• Resisting the ‘righting response’
• Stepping Stones/Stepping Forward - was it?
• Families and Ice
• Effective communication

Griffith Drug Information & Family Support (DIFS)

DIFS is a safe, caring and understanding group that supports each other dealing with family members with a drug or alcohol addiction.
The aim for Griffith Drug Information and Family Support Group is to provide a safe, compassionate and private place to support each other dealing with a family member’s addiction.

Griffith CDAT


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