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Griffith Pioneer Park Museum invites locals to join them this week to watch as noted Australian sculptor Luke Zwolsman makes history.

The talented artist is currently creating a statue to replace one erected by the Rotary Club of Griffith in 1966, which celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Griffith in 1916.

You can catch Luke in action, carving up a storm at Pioneer Park between 9.30am and 4pm for the rest of this week through until Friday, 26 October.

Regional Arts and Museum Manager, Raina Savage said, this is a wonderful opportunity for locals, especially school children, to witness the creation of this history making artwork.

"It seems fitting that Luke undertake this sculpture as he was the project supervisor for the 2016 Sculptural Symposium held for Griffith's 100 year celebrations although he didn’t carve one at the time," Ms Savage said.

“We are delighted to have him here now and hope that locals will take the opportunity to come and watch.

“A special reduced fee of $5 for adults and children over 5 will enable visitors to view the various exhibits of the Museum and watch an artist in action creating history.”

The original Rotary monument, which was located on the nature strip in the middle of Banna Avenue opposite Woolworths, was removed 14 years ago and will be replaced by Luke’s new sculpture.

Rotary members have engaged Luke's services and Griffith City Council donated the granite piece, with Griffith's main street set to be enhanced by this commemorative piece.

Griffith Pioneer Park Museum invites you to watch Luke carve between 9.30am and 4pm from for the rest of this week through until Friday, 26 October.