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Construction has started on the 4 lane Cricket Net Complex at Jubilee Oval, with thanks to funding secured from the NSW ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Cricket Legacy Fund and Griffith City Council. 
The project is a joint initiative between Griffith Cricket Association and Griffith City Council and will see Jubilee Oval become a training hub for Representative and Junior Cricket, taking some of the pressure off other facilities across the area and freeing them up for club cricket training. 
The $130,000 project (funded 50/50 with Council and the Cricket Legacy Fund) will also see the existing synthetic wicket resurfaced, as well as the construction of a new synthetic wicket. 
The local cricket community have joined forces with the Association and Council and will carry out a series of working bees over the coming weeks to ensure the funding goes as far as possible. 
It is anticipated that construction will be completed in the next 8-10 weeks.