Phoenix Revolution

6pm to 8pm

This is a social group for any person with a disability in Griffith and the surrounding towns. The group meets each Wednesday night starting at 6pm for about 2 hours. There is a flyer that is done for each month with all activities and cost on it. This flyer has on it what the social group wants to do each month. Everyone is welcome to come by them self or with a Carer.Transport is up to the individual to get there and to go home after the function.

The group plays ten pin bowling the last Wednesday of the month and on the other Wednesdays go to either Coffee and Cake Dinner out B.B.Q. Swimming during the summer months Games and Pizza night. All activities are decided by the group not the carers or parents. This is why the group works so well as it is all about the person with a disability. For more information please get in contact with Christine Tomlinson. We do not have any funding from any one. All activities are paid for by the individual.

Eligibility Criteria

You must have a disability, either physical or Intellectual.

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