Griffith Young Veterans & 1st Responders

Griffith Young Veterans & 1st Responders have one goal, enrich the lives of Australian Veterans & 1st Responders, empowering them to progress and succeed in life. The young men and women of our Australian De-fence Force have a history of willingly answering the call to help those across the globe who are in peril or in dire need of assistance.

Griffith Young Veterans & 1st Responders is a community hub for our nation’s heroes to come to-gether and share a common bond. Our community is not necessarily about reminiscing about service times or who has ‘done what’, it is about moving forward, re-engaging and inspiring young veterans to achieve and succeed beyond active duty. Over the past few years our community has grown rapidly across Australia, offering activities, fundraising and social opportunities for our comrades. The key to our growth is the agility and preparedness to go beyond the normal business rules, breaking the mold of previous ESO’s and going to where the support is needed.

Whether you are a veteran, 1st Responder or a civilian, you have a role to play. We are a volunteer run and operated organisation. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We pride ourselves on proposing ideas and following through.

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