Community Drug Action Team (CDAT)

Developing local initiatives to reduce "risk of harm" from misuse of alcohol & other drugs. CDAT meets the second Monday at the Griffith Community Centre at 12 noon

For over a decade, Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs) have made an important contribution to preventing and limiting alcohol and other drug (AOD) harms across NSW.

There are a range of opportunities available to get involved with your local CDAT, whether you want to become a member or just have a small amount of time to assist with a one-off event, your CDAT needs you!

- Contribute your skills by becoming a CDAT member.
- Meet regularly with other CDAT members to run events throughout the year.
- Help out with a short-term CDAT event such as a conference, community activity or campaign.

CDAT Activities

Since each community is unique, CDAT activities vary depending on the needs of each local area and the risk or protective factors the community is trying to influence. Typical events include:

- Providing information on local AOD treatment and community services.
- Organising local forums, seminars and conferences on AOD harms to raise awareness.
- Coordinating police and volunteers to monitor youth hot spots and provide information and support to at risk youth.
- Engaging young people in art and drama projects to explore and express the impact of drugs and alcohol in their lives.
- Initiating the drug and alcohol free events to provide a safe entertainment options for young people and the wider community.

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