Griffith Cancer Council Volunteers

Griffith Cancer Council Volunteers

Volunteering can be a lot of fun and is a great way of meeting people and finding new friends in your local area.   Many volunteers also benefit from learning new skills and building up valuable work experience, often assisting them in getting paid work in the future.

Other volunteers gain great satisfaction from putting their existing experience or professional skills to good use by donating their talents to our cause.   Whatever your motivation, you can be sure that your efforts will be making a real contribution to the work of Cancer Council NSW.

People from all walks of life volunteer with us.   Students and young people volunteer to gain the work experience and skills they need to help them get a job.   Similarly, other people volunteer after they have had a break from the job market and are looking to build up fresh experience.

Many of our volunteers are retired people, looking to put their experience and some of their newfound free time to good use.

Other volunteers are in full-time work but find the time to volunteer at evenings and weekends or have the support of their employer to be involved in short-term or one-off projects.  


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