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Road Closures and Rain Event Updates

Road Information (Update: 4 January 2017 4.30pm):

Roads closed for drainage works

Council wishes to advise from Tuesday 3 January, 2017 through to Friday 20 January, 2017, the following streets will be closed as part of an on-going drainage upgrade project:

Kookora Street – From Collarene Avenue to Kooringal Avenue
Gunbar Street – from Wiradjuri Place to Kookora Street
Bringagee Street – From Bowditch Place to Kookora Street

The work is expected to be completed within the specified dates (weather permitting). As a result of this closure, motorists are reminded to expect minor traffic disruptions. Motorists will be guided around the worksite using traffic control signs and detour signs. Residents are further advised to follow traffic control signs and take extra care.  

Roads closed for roundabout construction

Council wishes to advise from Monday 16 January, 2017 for a period of approximately five months the following roads will be closed for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Old Willbriggie Road, Kurrajong Avenue and Watkins Avenue.

Old Willbriggie Road - section between Research Station Road and Bishop Road
Kurrajong Avenue - section between Old Willbriggie Road and Ceccato Road
Watkins Avenue - between Holt Road and Old Willbriggie Road

Completion is expected in June 2017. Motorists will be guided through an alternative signposted route. B Doubles should use Oakes Road. Council apologises for any inconvenience and requests that during the construction period the travelling public remain patient and drive cautiously. 

Roads closed for rain events

The following roads are closed due to recent inundations.

Please note - it is offence to drive through a road that has been closed. DO NOT travel on any roads covered by floodwaters.

Roads Recently Re-Opened 

These roads may still be affected from recent inundations and drivers are urged to exercise caution: 

Main Roads:

Other Roads:

Motorists are asked to use extreme caution when driving through water on roads as the water may be deeper and faster flowing than anticipated. Please exercise care as waves and wash casued by your vehicle may damage adjoining property. Please also exercise caution as the road may have suffered extensive damage which is hidden beneath the water.

Council regrets the inconvenience caused, however, the safety of the community and the preservation of the road asset is of prime importance. Drivers are encouraged to minimise travel on unsealed roads as conditions on many roads change quickly with local flash flooding, creeks flooding, washouts and soft road surfaces.

Other road flooding information for major roads and roads outside of Griffith LGA can be viewed at

Rain Event Updates:

Mirrool Creek Update (10 October 2016)

Reduced rainfall in the last week has allowed the Mirrol Creek to recede in levels from Ardlethan through to Barren Box Swamp. 

Barren Box Swamp is still extremely full which means outflows are still discharging to the west of the swamp. This outflow is still causing inundation of properties in the Carrathool Shire. People travelling through this area are advised to consult the Carrathool Shire website or
East Mirrool Regulator (EMR) Update (27 Setember 2016)
Levels at the EMR have dropped 130mm in the last 20 hours and water has subsided through the Dalton runner.
Water is still flowing over the Whitton Stock Route but seems to be reducing slightly and water at Widgelli is still up high and will remain constant over the next few days.
Mirrool Creek Update (Sunday 25 September 3.23pm)

Mirrool Creek flows peaked at the East Mirrool Regulator (EMR) Yenda last night and this flow is expected to continue over the next few days until it starts to subside. The EMR has handled the peak flows extremely well and this water is now heading towards Widgelli, Benerembah and through the system towards Barren Box Swamp and further west.

Whitton Stock Route and Irrigation Way at Widgelli as well as other roads in the LGA have water flowing over them and have signs and traffic control to warn motorists

Given the volume of water that needs to flow through the Mirrool Creek system, the current flows in the creek are expected to remain constant over the next few days before levels start to reduce.

Please exercise extreme caution when driving near water and heed all signs and directions. Road conditions underwater may have changed and not be apparent to drivers.

Mirrool Creek Update (Friday 23 September 5.00pm)

Councils is working with Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) and Carrathool Shire Council (CSC) in the lead up to the new expected peak of flows along the Mirrool Creek on Sunday afternoon.
The most recent rains are of particular concern with the two areas under most scrutiny at the moment being the East Mirrool Regulator (EMR) and Barren Box Storage and Wetlands (BBS&W).

Similar to previous events, MI will be supporting Councils to manage these flows to minimise community impacts.

The critical time at the EMR is during the flow-peaks, with the next peak expected to be larger than previous events this year. Without further rainfall, there is no risk of water inundation in the village of Yenda.

Flows of 26,000ML have already been released through the floodway at BBS&W and current flows at estimated at 2,480ML/day. With greater peak flows than previously expected and air-space in BBS&W now limited, there is a need for further action to increase passing flows around BBS&W.  Available options have been explored with both Councils and also discussions with some landowners adjoining BBS&W. 

Action to increase flows down the floodway is being activated today based on CSC’s recommendation.

Barren Box Swamp and Wetlands Fact Sheet:

Mirrool Creek/Yenda EMR RegulatorFact Sheet:

In the event of an emergency, please call 000

For emergency help in floods and storms, call the NSW SES on 132 500.

NSW SES website:
FloodSafe website: 
Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasts and flood predictions including river height information are available at